A tree opening is descriptive of an opening with its variations and sub-variations. The chess trees of this book offer an original method to approach the chess openings. They allow you to learn the openings in a clear, entertaining and motivating way. You can quickly reproduce them on the board to assimilate them easily.


The large amount of ramifications possessed by a chess opening means that this book is not intended to transmit all variations and sub-variations, but simply the main lines selected according to criteria of relevance and popularity.


Games of great players accompany the chess trees. These games are deliberately chosen for their small number of moves. This highlights the subject of this book: the openings. These games will show you the tactical and positional traps to avoid in a given opening.


Using this powerful tool, you will be reconciled with chess theory. The openings were never so easy to understand!

Example of a tree opening:

Italian Game: Evans Gambit


Arborescence du Gambit Evans